Saturday night dance party. Gut­wrenching lyrics. Perfectly placed synths. May Have’s freshly released single “Summer” bottles the essence of a humid Montreal summer and pours it through your headphones. Self-produced and self-released, “Summer”  is about the long days spent outside when your skin is warm and has been kissed by chlorine. A feeling that you know is fleeting but that you never want to end. Summer is the first of five to make out May Have's EP which will be sprinkled all over 2019. Find it on all platforms. 

Originating as a three­piece, Maerin Hunting’s songwriting and soaring vocals are elevated by the contagious energy of the rhythm section, Sebastian Balk-Forcione (drums) and Matt Rousseau (bass/synths). Adding Dan Rougeau (lead guitar), and Emily Rockarts (vocals and keys), May Have has expanded into a fivefold friendship music collective. With an impressive array of synths, samples, guitars and other goodies, May Have lights up the dancefloor. Their hook-filled songs get stuck in your head forever and more, and their live show is not to be missed.